is continuous monitoring of impedance possible while recording EEG?

khofstadterkhofstadter Cambridge, U.K.

Is continuous monitoring of impedance possible while recording EEG? 

I guess this is not possible with the OpenBCI, however, are there systems which do this? 

Or do researchers lower impedance as much as possible at the start of a recording session and perhaps check again at the end of a session to see how it changed? 

Thanks! k


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    The input impedance of the ADS1299 drops from 1 gigaohm to 500 megohms with the ADS1299 during impedance measurement. And also the current impedance algorithm injects a 30.x Hz signal (nanoamp range), so cannot be simultaneous with data acquisition. 

    Some EEG amps do provide continuous monitoring. These tend to be higher end systems. 

    I replied on the other thread regarding acceptable impedance ranges.


  • khofstadterkhofstadter Cambridge, U.K.
    Great, many thanks for your reply William. 
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