how does low battery level affect the signal?

khofstadterkhofstadter Cambridge, U.K.

how does low battery level affect the signal? Maybe it doesn't? I am still using 4 AA batteries. 

cheers! k


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    Kris, the OpenBCI boards use 3.3 V voltage regulator chips on the main boards. These take the (varying) battery voltage and change it into a constant DC level for the chips. So as long as your batteries are above 3.3V, you should be fine.

    AA batteries are nominally 1.5V each, so 6V total when new. It's a good idea to check your battery level periodically. Not needed before each session, but perhaps weekly. This applies to lithium cells as well; single lithium cell starts at about 3.7V; but goes down very slowly.

    Here's a recent related thread on possibly monitoring the battery voltage with an added circuit component. Only if you are interested in a bit of geek-ery. ;-)


  • khofstadterkhofstadter Cambridge, U.K.
    Thanks William, 
    the voltage capacity display sounds like a good idea.
    Cheers! k
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