I can not make the PLAYBACK work

tatiane_auroratatiane_aurora canadá
edited June 27 in Cyton
I selected the playback file and then the archive that I wanted, but when I
started the system an error appears to me: Init timeout. Verify your
Serial/COM Port. Power DOWN/UP your OpenBCI & USB Dongle. Then retry
But I can use the EEG normally, so I don't know what is
going on. Could you help me?

I am having
some issues with print screen too, I pressed the key "m" when I was done the EEG but I can
not find my prints anywhere. I am veterinary student, so I really don't
understand much this stuffs. I am so sorry! 


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Tatiane, hi.

    Are you using a recent version of the OpenBCI_GUI? What version shows on the screen when you startup? What operating system?

    Mentioning Richard @retiutut


  • I am using the version V4.1.2 for Windows (64). I think this is the recent version of the OpenBCI_GUI. 

  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA
    edited June 28
    This error happens when the file is empty, and the error message needs to be rewritten. Try using a file that has data. Also, screenshots are disabled unless you turn on “Expert Mode”.
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