Cyton COM port latency, for all apps?

zfmengzfmeng Japan
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I read the tutorials about how to stream from OpenBCI to OpenVIBE.
And it said that the latency of the COM should be set to 1ms.

Does the latency matter while measuring data using Cyton board on OpenGUI?

I did the experiment last time, but I didn't set the latency parameter.
Is it OK ?

Thank you.


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Yes, same latency applies to all apps. You only need to change it once per laptop. Windows remembers the setting.

  • zfmengzfmeng Japan
    Hi~Thank you.

    OK. I understand.

    But last time I didn't set the latency to 1ms, as I didn't see it from the tutorials "Cyton Getting Started Guide".
    When I measured the data, the latency is 16ms. 
    Does it matter ? Would it influence the collected signals ?

    Thank you very much.
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    On Windows, without making this latency adjustment, typically the data packets from the Cyton are stuttering. They come in batches every half second or so. 

    It's possible that some changes have happened in the FTDI driver or Windows (or even GUI?), such that the stuttering is not an issue at the default latency.

    However it's a good idea to follow the tutorial instructions on any new Windows installation. It does influence the arrival times of the data packets at the consuming app. 
  • zfmengzfmeng Japan
    OK. Thank you for your explaination.

    I would take care of it.
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